On the shelf life of fortune

Last night I picked up a fortune cookie off my counter top. Every once in a while I order Chinese take away, but rarely do I eat the fortune cookies that same night, so they tend to accumulate until either I throw them away or get a hankering and eat them. Last night I had a hankering and, not wanting to tear into the last of my Girl Scout cookies, opted for a fortune cookie or two.

So I picked up this fortune cookie and opened it up. This is what it told me:
“You will travel far and wide, both for pleasure and business”

I almost dropped the fortune right then and there! I did drop the cookie, it skittered under the easy chair (not an unusual fate). I thought back to when I had last ordered Chinese food… Sure enough, it was just prior to my long spate of travel — to Baltimore and Washington, and then the long Mississippi River drive — I had run down my food supply since I was going to be gone for so long, so then I ordered some take away to make my final at-home dinner and leave some nosh for my house-sitter. I didn’t eat any of the fortune cookies, however… until last night.

So, what is the shelf life of fortune? Was my dessert prescient, or is this a case of hind-sight being 20/20?

My rational mind chooses the latter, but my romantic mind opts for the former. I’ve had a Martini, so we all know who wins that contest. 🙂

2 thoughts on “On the shelf life of fortune

  1. Crystal

    *A* martini? :-p

    Last two fortune cookies I ate were empty. o_O
    Can’t help but wonder what that means about my fortune haha.

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