Kind thoughts for Elizabeth Edwards

Kindness and love

Elizabeth Edwards needs some kind thoughts right now. We don’t know much, but we do know that whatever is happening is important enough that her husband, John Edwards, has curtailed his Presidential campaign to be with her. Elizabeth has battled breast cancer, which she wrote about in her book “Saving Graces.”
Pawn hasn’t endorsed anyone in the 2008 Presidential race, and isn’t saying that Edwards is his choice, but feels a strong affinity for the sonofamillworker who has come a long way since his awkward introduction to national politics in 2004.
You see, John Edwards has a black mark against him for having been the signing majority senator on the original (and poorly named) U.S.A. Patriot Act in 2001. That shameful bill, written largely by Viet Dinh (currently at Georgetown Law) needed a respected Democratic senator with legal credentials to “author” it for introduction, and John Edwards was just the man. You would be hard pressed, given his current, populist spiel, to deduce that. But, so it is.
All that aside, Elizabeth Edwards is immune from all of that. She is just a dedicated woman who deserves all of our kind thoughts as she weathers whatever her newest travails are. And John, we’ll cut you a break, too.

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