From incomptetence to ineptitude, Justice losing its head

Justice looses its head

Quietly, while the city around them roils over the revelations that Justice Department officials have lied to congress and carried out a political purge of US Attorneys, White House officials and others with ties to the administration have been trying to figure out just who they can get confirmed once AG Alberto Gonzales gets his head lopped off. And whose name is being floated as a replacement for the soon to be axed AG A.G? Why it is none other than former Judge and US Attorney, and current Secretary of Homeland Security and proven incompetent, Michael Chertoff. The man who, with help from “Brownie,” oversaw the conversion of a large portion of the American Gulf Coast into a replica of a third-world country.

Yeah, that’s what our Justice Department needs, there’s been just too much integrity and competence there up ’til now, let’s let Mikey fix it!

More here, at Politico .

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