Dobbsian rancor

We’re not big fans of Lou Dobbs here in Fortune Land, but you have to hand it to him when he revs up and spins out some really good rancor*. Here is the start of this week’s rant:

NEW YORK (CNN) — An incompetent attorney general, who says he wasn’t fully aware that nearly 10 percent of the U.S. attorneys who work for him throughout the country were being fired and permitted the 110,000-person Justice Department that he leads to give inaccurate information at best, or simply lie about it at worst, to the Congress and the American people, has the full confidence of the president who’s lost the confidence of most people.

And this is what passes for a big-time, dramatic, historic constitutional crisis in 21st century America? You’ve got to be kidding. This is the most partisan, politically driven administration in history, and we’re all supposed to be surprised by its conduct and motivation in the firing of these U.S. attorneys? Please.

*Much like leaving dog shit on a ceiling fankaya_ceiling_fan.JPG

One thought on “Dobbsian rancor

  1. tom

    Today Lou Dobbs finds this investigation into the DOJ would be good for an open and transparent government. It would help to expose the troubles with DOJ and his favorite issues.

    Just yesterday Lou Dobbs ranted against the hearings, seems his sincerity is as changable as the Gonzales statements.

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