Red Hair

Across the courtyard I spied her

Her red mane of hair falling

across broad shoulders

She stood before the stove

Her over-sized Tee shirt

slipping off her right shoulder

and riding, enticingly, up her left hip

She was oblivious to any onlooker

as she dipped her fingers into the pot

she pulled up a big bundle

of “straw and hay” as the

Italians would have it.

A great fistful of pasta,

and then threw her head back;

that great red mane of hers

flowing down

She dropped the pasta

into her mouth

I longed, in that moment,

to be that pasta

to have that final moment

to know where I would go

to go into her throat

I still miss that


One thought on “Red Hair

  1. Lynn Stern

    Just a comment from the past…very past. I noticed you on LinkedIn and was not the least bit surprised. You are the ever and always amazing person.

    Hoping this comment will not be unwelcome. You noted you were looking to reconnect @ LinkedIn, but that can mean many things. I just had to find a way to say hello, thank you for the glimpse into your incredibly complicated and wonderful world and to wish you well. As so many, you are one who has never left my thoughts. 🙂

    Be well!

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