Blues Over Blue Men

I am certainly not the first to comment on the “farcical” Olympic torch relay which has been winding its way across the globe and through the news recently.  Following the disastrous attempts to conduct the relay in London and Paris, The Independent has asked a question which has been on many minds; Who are the mysterious Men in Blue?

Barging people out of the way, and even scuffling with some of the 1,000 police officers called in to provide extra security, the tracksuited guards made their presence felt across the capital. Their behaviour has prompted many to ask whether Scotland Yard deliberately turned a blind eye to their tactics.

“Britain seems to have caved in to demands from Beijing that Chinese security agents police the streets of London,” said Matt Whitticase, of Free Tibet UK. “It certainly fits in with the supine approach Britain has taken towards China over the years, compared with other nations.”

Shami Chakrabati, director of the human rights group Liberty, added: “Everyone appreciates the difficult duty of our police to hold the line between the Olympic ceremony and critics and supporters of the Chinese regime. But who were the ominous figures running in formation in light blue uniforms? Where was their lawful authority to scuffle with policemen and protesters?”
Questions raised over mysterious ‘men in blue’ – Home News, UK – The Independent

Ah yes, a supine Britain…

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