London Journal – Day 19 – Sleeping and Dreaming

I almost forgot to mention my stop at the Wellcome Collection today. Their current exhibit is Sleeping and Dreaming, and quite good. I particularly enjoyed the Traces of Sleep section. One piece, The Sleepers by Nils Klinger, is a portrait of sleep achieved by means of a super-long exposure taken by the light of a single candle while the subject slept. The room was darkened, the candle lit, and the shutter opened. Once the candle had failed, the shutter was closed. The result is a sort of time-lapse photograph of the sleeper (note: this is not the exact piece displayed in the exhibit):

The Sleeper

The rest of the collection is captivating, and well captured in The Phantom Museum, by The Brothers Quay a stop action animation featured in the Museum.

I then wandered down through Tottenham Court to get some lunch and enjoy the scenery. Of particular interest was the scene outside a Scientology office. Scientology is treated here as a dangerous cult and roundly hated. In these two pictures you can see the protesters on the east side of the road and the offices on the west. There are more bobbies here than I have seen in any one place the entire time I have been here.

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