London Journal – Day 17 – Synchronicity

Eyes On The Prize

After a lovely walk through St. James Park to admire the plentiful daffodils (see and search for “daffodils”) I happened across the Photographer Of The Year 2007 show, sponsored by Digital Camera magazine.  The shot above, “Eyes on the prize” is one of my faves.  The man in this image is “A street performer who regularly features at the Edinburgh Fringe, known as ‘He Who Wears Red’ (because his upper body is painted red), photographed near Edinburgh Castle at this year’s Fringe.”

Another striking image, and the overall winner in this years contest, is Marta, which I will not display here because it is very hard to look at out of context.  Marta is a young woman who was rejected by a modelling agency, and is severely anorexic.  I was struck by this in part because I knew at the time I was going to see Thin Toes (see below), a play about anorexia, this evening.

The real synchronicity came about while I was on the underground on my way to the theatre for tonight’s show.  I had been lost in thought and missed my transfer at King’s Cross and had to get off at Farringdon and go back one stop.  On the platform waiting for the west bound train, I noticed a man practising with a glass globe just like the one held aloft by He Who Wears Red (above).  The train came and the man was in the next car, but I could watch him through the doors as he continued to practice rolling this orb around effortlessly across his arms, around his hands, all while being jostled by the speeding carriage.  Amazing performance.

So, orbs and anorexics — coincidence or…


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