London Journal – Day 13 – Sunday In The Park With Pawn

This morning took me to Hyde Park for a nice long stroll and a visit to the Serpentine Gallery for a new showing of works by and inspired by Derek Jarman. Quite good, all round. It was a beautiful day out, and loads of people were clambering all over the park capturing the warmth and sunshine as best they could while it was here.

I then took a bus to Angel and found myself a nice pub to have Sunday Roast in. Inspired though I was by the smell of the beef, I went for the salmon. Delightful! The fixings were good, best beets I’ve had in ages, parsnips, yum yum. And some Yorkshire pudding to sop up the sauce. Mmm.

Home again to set up a new photo gallery. I have been spending an inordinate amount of time preparing photos to adorn this site, which is silly as there is plenty of software to do it for me. So, I installed a new gallery, CLICK HERE I have uploaded all of my London photos there, a couple hundred by now I figure. You can check that any time to see what all I’ve seen. I will still include good ones here.


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