London Journal – Day 13 – La Dolce Vita

There are so many newspapers to chose from here, and the competition is fierce. One way they grab you is to include free promotional items in with the issue. Last weekend one of the papers (I forget which) included a learning Spanish CD one day and a phrase book the next. This went along with a week long travel series about Madrid and Balboa.

Today brought us films, as it is Oscar night (since it’s 10:00 pm here I could tell you who won what, but I won’t). The choices I faced at the newsagent were “My Left Foot” and “La Dolce Vita” You can guess which one I picked. That means I read The Observer today.

I have had no telly or film since I got here, almost two weeks, aside from some football in the pub. To watch a film will be a treat.

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