London Journal – Day 5 – Her Royal Majesty’s Sunset

My full days are taking a toll. My back is killing me (it was bad before I traveled) and a lot of it has to do with the fact that my flat, which obviously belongs to a younger man than I, is all unconventional seating, etc. The bed/sofa is a folded up pair of futons with duvet and cushions. There is no desk, as such, and no “easy chair”. I am not complaining, that’s just how it is.

Here the rejoinder to “Fig Tree” from yesterday:

I went down to Hyde Park Corner to watch the sunset over Hyde Park, and enjoyed the stroll up the park to Marble Arch with a cuppa and my camera for company. Here are a pair shots of that lovely view:


It was bloody cold out, so at Marble Arch I hopped onto a double-decker and headed back up to Marylebone. Here’s shots from the top deck:




Home again, to write some more and rest up for the day of rest.


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