London Journal – Day 2

After oversleeping (last night’s walkabout took its toll) I dragged my sorry butt down to the shops for an egg-mayonnaise (think egg salad) and latté, then got around to some general housekeeping chores: top up mobile, get Oyster card (travel-pass), and newspaper. Then a stroll around the swanky shops of Baker Street sipping my latté. Came across this interesting shop last night and went back to shoot a photo of it:
Then it was off to the area Tesco to get some groceries; don’t want to be eating every meal out. The reason for renting a flat rather than a hotel is to live here, not just visit. So, with veggies and such I returned to the flat. This neighbour seems to have a low opinion of the local newspapers
Then it was a walk in the park. Regent’s Park, that is, which is right next door. This is a lovely park, and I only saw a small portion of it. There are soccer pitches, ponds and streams, a zoo, café, and “dairy ice” stand. From the latter I got a chocolate-toffee cone and a cuppa. Here is the entrance to the park:
And another view from there about
Daffodils are abloom everywhere, which I just love
Due to my late start, the sun was starting to set
This little fellow was posing for another photographer, but I sneaked a shot

The sunset over the London Central Mosque
Leaving the park now, some schoolgirls scamper along the Regent’s Canal
An entry to the Regent’s Canal from further along
They seriously don’t want you to cycle here. (This guy resembles how I felt the last time I tried to cycle)
Some houseboats along the canal
I then ambled up to Church Street, and the many antiques stores along there. Oh my, watch out! I visited many shops, and in one got into a lengthy conversation with the shopkeeper. She asked where I was from, and when I told her that I lived in the US, but was from England and considering coming back, she said “Oh no, don’t do it, stay where you are!”
What followed was a long chat about everything she thinks is wrong with England, most of which has to do with immigrants. I won’t go into it all here, but the crux of the issue is that England is facing a struggle common to most European countries, which is that they all thought highly of colonization when they were the ones invading other countries, but now that people from other countries are invading here, well that won’t do.
More on that later. Now it’s time to venture out to find a nearby pub and get some supper.


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