A Pawn Abroad

Pawn Broker’s sign

Today Pawn leaves for a month in England, the fatherland.  I will be posting here news of my exploits, photos, etc.

Since immigrating to the US as an infant I have only returned once to Great Britain, but loved London.  So, this is a sort of trial run to see if I could really imagine myself repatriating over there.

Wish me luck…

Meanwhile, here are some miscellaneous references to “Pawn Abroad” on Google:

 Zhou Enlai reportedly said, “No, we have to have at least one pawn abroad.”

he would have escaped the humiliating necessity of leaving the earl of Derby in pawn abroad

enter into transactions with Rothschilds and Baring for a loan of two millions sterling on the London market, to pawn abroad

Russians abroad: pawns or knights?

“fe the pawn them abroad, and is there robb’d of them,

Nathan Goodman, a hat manufacturer of this city, has returned from a visit abroad, after having starved nearly to death and been forced to pawn his diamond

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