Sandblasted Into Oblivion

Is it intolerance, myopic fastidiousness, or outright stupidity?

What is the biggest eyesore on the streets of east London? A giant rat with a knife and fork in its paws, apparently. Or a rioter throwing flowers. Hackney council says these subversive images are making the place look dirty and have to go – even if they were spray-painted by Banksy, the art world’s most unlikely superstar.

“We have to clean up the walls,” said a spokeswoman, confirming that the street cleaners are ready to blast some of modern British art’s most distinctive images away as part of a zero-tolerance policy. “We can’t make a decision as to whether something is art or graffiti. The Government judges us on the number of clean walls we have.”
You dirty rat: street cleaners prepare to blast Banksy away – Independent Online Edition > This Britain

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