Thoughts On Theresa Duncan

I took a break from my attempts to understand the SPP and thought it might be interesting to look at Theresa Duncan. Kind of wonder what your obsession with this woman was was all about.

First read various articles and posts by her friends and acquaintances. They do paint a portrait of woman with a keen eye and focused mind. Though most sensed or saw there was a dark, brooding, and paranoid current sweeping her through the later part of life. This intrigued me. So I next turned to Duncan’s blog. I read some of her posts and looked at some of the pictures. I was struck by an infectious and seductive quality her blog had. But have to admit there was an uneasiness conveyed by the words and pictures, at least for me.

It is hard to exactly put my finger on why I felt uneasiness. Guess it had to do with intimate sensuality displayed as a lofty idea, one always just out of reach. It has a feel of an old era existentialist struck in the middle of a sidewalk, which is crowded with beautiful modern day posers.

Anyways, kind of understand your obsession. Its gauzy, diffuse style is so honed, it is a sensuous art.

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