Stripping Bourgeoisie


The New York Times today treats us to tales of debauchery from four star restaurants, including this doozie from Daniel, in which a woman rose “making like a dancer at a pole at Scores”:

She stood facing the rest of the dining room. First she took off a vest or a jacket, as best Mr. Le Dû remembers. Then she went to work on her blouse.
Just as she was getting to her bra, the maître d’hôtel got to her. Thus her drunken, wobbly stint as a stripper ended, and so did her dinner. She and her date, a smiling, sloshed man who had seemingly egged her on, were escorted to the door.
“She was not necessarily attractive or young, so it was disruptive,” complained Mr. Le Dû, who left Daniel several years ago and now owns a wine shop in Greenwich Village. “If she were beautiful, it might have been different. People might have been cheering her on.”
Fine Diner to Riffraff: Tipsy Tales of 4-Star Benders – New York Times

But of course, had she been attractive it would have been different…

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