Fame: Star or Oddity?

Fergie at Wembly

I just watched The Concert for Diana on my Myth box last night. Well, to be perfectly honest I watched parts of it. I endured most of the opening number by Elton John, but could not stomach Duran Duran. I understand that they were there because they were Diana’s favorites; the princes told us as much. But, we are not asked to endure Geo. Washington’s favorite band on President’s day, are we??

And Fergie, what’s with Fergie? She wasn’t one of Diana’s faves, so why was she there. It surely isn’t because of talent. Given that I haver seen Greek columns with better fashion sense, it couldn’t be a fashion connection. So why was she there? I think it was to serve as an example to the young people of what can go wrong if you ignore your studies or something like that.

Lastly, the one part I did watch all the way through was the duet with Joss Stone and Tom Jones. The man is old enought to be her grandfather for heaven’s sake. And why was he dressed like John Travolta from 1976? Want proof?

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