Mika Burns Paris — News at 11:00

Paris Brule-t-il

My friend Geri sent me this link to her blog over at the Good News Network: about Mika Brzezinski refusing to cover Paris Hilton. Way to go Mika!

Mika Brzezinski is my new hero! The MSNBC anchorwoman refused to read a Paris Hilton story chosen as the lead for her morning newscast this week. This video shows her trying to burn the script and finally ripping it, and later shreading an updated copy. The public protest against her editors’ news judgement has brought her praise from both viewers and media professionals alike. She says, “I had one woman send me an email that said she was weeping tears of joy that someone finally took a stand… We were making a statement on our show. I hope it will start to change something… We need to have an open discussion about what is news and what is not.”
Good News Network – Editor’s Blog

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