Youtubamania – Or, How One Thing Leads To Another

I finally figured out how to get YouTube videos to display full screen on my computer, and just in time. World Cafe tonight had The Puppini Sisters as their guests. What great music — Close Harmony, inspired by The Triplets of Bellville — and I had to go to YouTube to find any good online examples of their work:

Anyway, they explained on the radio, when asked about their audience, that “Well, there’s a massive gay component.” Leaving aside, for the moment, the double entendre there, they went on to tell the story of their first big public appearance at a popular gay night club in London where the local anthem was “Wuthering Heights” by Kate Bush. They do a cover of it, which is a very strange thing in its own right:

I fell hard for Kate Bush after seeing her on Saturday Night Live in the 70’s:
She never comes to the US, as she won’t fly, so she doesn’t have a big following here. Anyway, I looked on YouTube for this cover, and of course it listed Bush’s original music video as well. You must check it out for its naive over-the-top emotive dance. The first 60 seconds, at least, are an unfortunate indictment of artistic masturbation:

Lastly, this somehow lead to Pink Martini, and their song Hey Eugene, which is fall down funny in its story, and a catchy little number to boot:

That concludes our tour this evening,

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