Neal Pollack speaks his mind, and other news

From “The Stranger” we have Neal telling us who should shut up, and why. A great read:

The Army Times thinks its time for a change:

“This was not just a failure of leadership at the local command level. This was a failure that ran straight to the top. Accountability here is essential — even if that means relieving top leaders from duty in a time of war.”

Just one reason the uniformed services are a little peeved? The Pentagon is trying to preserve the administration’s charade by giving only one medal for both Afghanistan and Iraq. Seems they’re not two wars, but one big “Global War on Terrorism” (GWOT for short):

A bill ordering the Department of Defense to create separate campaign medals for Iraq and Afghanistan is slated to pass the Senate on Tuesday.

Finally, a cheery product endorsement from Ronald Reagon:

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