Private Views

When Pawn visits London, art is often a key part of the whole enterprise. This is no different this time, and Thursday brought a pair of Private Views; invitations to view new works in a private, or semi-private setting. For the first it was a studio visit to Ridley Road, where Japanese-American artist L has her studio, in the heights above the market lane.

As this was a private event, I shan’t be posting photographs here, but will suggest a visit to Degree Art’s website where much of L’s work is on view. L was gracious in welcoming E (from Degree) and myself for about an hour, during which time she showed some older works, some still underway, and some recently completed. And the conversation ranged broadly, too. All in all a lovely visit.

The evening brought a return to Hundred Years Gallery, and the show Supernatural. A fitting Halloween theme. My friend J being one of the artists (one whose work I have collected extensively) this show was a must. It was a festive evening, with some impromptu performance and live tarot reading. But Pawn made it an early night.

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