Words From The River – Introduction

Taking a business trip to several locations in the Midwest and South.  Flying to Minneapolis/St. Paul and from there driving to Kansas City, Wichita, Jefferson City, St. Louis, Memphis, Baton Rouge and, finally, New Orleans — then fly home.  I will be staying one night in each location, save Jefferson City, from whence I will repair to St. Louis, post haste.

The work must happen at night, so my days, when not given over to driving, are my own, and to this end I have mapped out the art museums and other key cultural attractions in each locale.  Walker Arts in MN.  Ribs in KC, KS.  Nelson-Atkins in KC, MO. SLAM in St. Louis, etc.

The following articles originate from somewhere along the great rivers of the US heartland — the Mississippi, Missouri and Arkansas.

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