Not for the faint of heart

Politico tells us that Former UN Ambassador John Bolton is mulling a Presidential run.  Here’s his rational:

“As I survey the situation, I think the Republican field is wide open,” Bolton told POLITICO. “I don’t think the party’s anywhere close to a decision. And stranger things have happened.”

John Bolton eyes 2012 presidential run – Molly Ball –

Now that’s a stirring fund raising platform, “Stranger things have happened!”

Bolton, who has the reputation of being the most bellicose member of an over testoseroned, über-bellicose Bush foreign policy team, Politico claims, “whose reputation, at least on the right, is as a speaker of unfiltered truth to power.”  On the right, perhaps, but everywhere else he’s known more as as a speaker of power to truth.  Part of that whole Might-Make-Right American Exceptionalism thing.

Want to lose a little sleep?  How about a Palin/Bolton team for 2012?  She can see Russia from her porch, and he has a nuke aimed at it.

Sleep tight…

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