London 2009 – Day 3 – Market Day

Sunday, on which Pawn awakens, tortured in his dreams as he is, and yet manages to go back to sleep.

Ah, market day is here! After a light breakfast, we sojourn out with empty shopping bags, and head west for the Marylebone Hight Street. We took a little detour to investigate Marylebone Lane, and the Button Queen, therein. Then into the OxFam book shop to browse.

Readers of this blog from last year’s visit will remember that it was the purchase of a DK Eyewitness guidebook to Prague that lead to the booking of travel there for a 4 day jaunt. So, once inside the shop I made a bee-line for the travel section (well, tried to but had trouble finding it) and looked for another DK Eyewitness guidebook. What did I find, you ask? Amsterdam! I had already been thinking about visiting Amsterdam during the weekend of the 16th, and this little sign from the OxFam travel gods is just the push I needed.

At the checkout stand the clerks were pricing CDs for shelving, and I spotted one by Jools Holland and Tom Jones. Snapped that up tout de suite! We’ll be listening to that this evening.

Off, then, to the Fromagerie to score some great smells and some sweet mints. Then across the street into the green market. We quickly were stocking up on buffalo and goat cheeses, gem, carrots, fruit leather, bread, salad onions and a lovely little roast. We will be dining in this evening, one of the nice things about having an apartment rather than hotel rooms.

We are off shortly for a matinée of the new Michael Caine film, “Is Anybody There.” We wanted to see “Anvil – The Story of Anvil” but that has only one showing a week, so we’re out of luck. This is our slow day, a day to relax a bit, not walk 10 or 15 miles, and just enjoy the time and the pleasant weather.

Tomorrow? Back into the breach! We’ll be attending Family day at the races at Kempton Park.


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