Bogeyman Is Suicide

Wow – two whole weeks without a post! What kind of slothery is this? No, I have not forsaken thee – merely busy and distracted. Let’s review some recent events…

Been watching a lot of Dexter lately – What a good show!! Two energetic limbs up!

What a rollicking good time we have been having with the primaries and all? Wright or wrong, those newsdroids just can’t help but love their puns. The events of last night, wherein Obama swept NC and was nearly IN was all the buzz. Now it’s kind of a death watch. Last time I wrote about a death watch, however, it was for Mr. McCain, so I’ll just leave that alone.

One of the great things about having a MythTV box is recording shows to watch later. One of the bad things is that you’re watching them after everyone else has. I watched last week’s episode of Law & Order tonight, Bogeyman, and within the first few seconds realized that it was “Ripped From The Headlines” of the unfortunate suicides, last year, of my old online chum Theresa Duncan and her hubby Jeremy Blake. I paused the playback to quickly Google “theresa duncan law & order” and was rewarded with a mixture of hyperbole and spoilers. Thanks for that last. Seems that my online cohort is shocked, simply shocked, that the media offspring of General Electric Corp. would exploit the seemingly benign (!) suicides of a couple of conspiracy minded bohemian artists for a good story. Here’s an example of the outrage:

Law and Order has violated the memory of Theresa Duncan and slandered Jeremy…

Which seems like the perfect follow-up to this prophetic post from August 20 of last year:

Sounds like a potential episode for Law & Order.

Oh well –
what can we do… No sense crying over spent artists…

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