London Journal – Day 21 – I Feel Good

I ventured down into Marylebone Lane today for lunch at Caffé Caldesi, a Tuscan redoubt I have passed many times.  I sat surrounded by wealthy folk discussing tracker loan rates and sub-prime fallout while the waitstaff chit-chatted in French an Italian and James Brown music played on the hi-fi.  What an odd juxtaposition.

Had some wonderful salmon with parsnip purée and tapenade.   Yum.

Then a long bus ride to Waterloo on the upper deck, enjoying the sights.  The clouds gradually taking over the sky from the sun.  I strolled the Queen’s Walk to the base of the Eye and took some snaps.

London Eye Stairs

Then back home to do some laundry and pack for Prague.  I must stay in tonight and be a good boy, my flight is early tomorrow.


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