London Journal – Day 11 – Carnaby Street Kiss-Off

It is almost 11:00 on Friday night and I am settling back into my chair after a rolicking good night at theatre. What chair? you might ask. I said I would post a photo of my “workstation” so here it is:


That’s my notebook on the stool, with my bluetooth keyboard balanced on top, and my mouse setting on the coffee table down to the left. Needless to say this is “sub-optimal” as we say in the business.

Much happened today. First off, it was a gorgeous day! It was already 10° when I woke up and 12 or 13 by the time I went out. Quite cheery it was. After my breakfast and coffee I once again took the tube down to Leicester Square where I scored a front row seat for “The Lover/The Collection,” a pair of Harold Pinter teleplays from the 1960’s. They were fantastic, as were the company who put them on. Brilliant performances all of them.

After Tkts, I strolled up to Soho and Carnaby Street. Any of that gritty charm it had in the 60’s, as shown in Antoniono’s classic film “Blow Up” are gone now. It is just another tourist trap cum overpriced market. Soho is a schizophrenic district to be sure. It is the centre of fashion and design, but also of sex clubs and seedy shops. It was the trendy spot for kids, but a generation ago, and so now an out of date version of that.

A recent headline in the tabloids proclaimed that a recent survey has shown that the East End is the new West End, and the West End is the new snooze-ville. The West End is only for tourists and your parents, the East End is where it’s happening, and if you don’t know that you’re dead. Well, I can say that if Carnaby Street is your gauge, then they’re right. Here is how Carnaby Street looked to an Italian fashion photog in 1967:


Here is what it looks like today:


Oh, and for the record, the mini is back:


So is the kiss, which is what brought me here. The “Carnaby Kiss” to be specific, at the Carnaby Gallery

There are about 40 images and I must say I liked at least half of them. My favourite was “Handbag.” It is left as an exercise for the reader to figure out what that looks like.

The other fashion trend which is inescapable here, and I commented on previously, is short shorts with stockings and with cuffs. Cuffs. Think about that… really short shorts with cuffs. Strange, and in February.

Found some interesting shop windows at Liberty of London and fancied myself a little photog myself. Here are a few shots:




Out of Soho and into Oxford Street. Got this interesting image off Hanover Square. I am not sure what it’s on about, but here it is:


Must be drugs I figure.

Then it was back uptown, I walked through Marylebone and across to Bloomsbury. Got some lunch at an Indian buffet, then to Regent’s Park where I got one with nature.







Anyway, that was my day. How was yours?

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