London Journal – Day 7 – One Thing Leads To Another

So I had an email exchange with my friend KS and mentioned that I have slowed down my writing partly due to the problem of not having any suitable place so sit and type on my laptop.

“maybe you can go to a ‘charity shop’ and see if they have a cheap ol’ & easy to transfer table, chair you could decorate your pad with… or can you bring the chair from the deck inside?”

Well, there’s a thought.  This morning I made myself some breakfast and then went looking for charity shops in my neighbourhood who might carry such items.  Problem is that there aren’t any.  There are charity shops around here, but not that carry furniture.  Those that do are too far away to be practical.  Oh well.  I did have fun looking, and along the way I stopped in at an OxFam store that specializes in books and music.  They had a very nice travel guide for Prague, and that got me thinking…

A couple of days ago I was discussing with BW my foray to Portobello Road and she asked if I bought any Julius Dressler pieces.


I collect ceramics from that Bohemian pottery, mostly from right around 1900.  I didn’t see any, but I was looking.  That is about the only thing I could justify buying here and bringing back with me.  “No, I didn’t,” I replied, “guess I’ll have to go to Prague and look there.”  Well, with my new found travel guide, it’s just Kizmet!

So, back at the flat after an exquisite tapas lunch (nothing like a Spanish waiter who is sprouting an English accent) I went ahead and booked myself a short holidaycentre.gif in Prague in a week or so.

Now, lest you think I am being rash, it is fair to say that I have really been thinking about this for awhile.  It was just the confluence of events which lead me to go ahead and do it now.  It just feels right.

I’ll be staying in the Jewish Quarter, not far from the Old Town Square for three nights, and I am looking forward to it.

I meant to write a lot more about various themes but I have spent the last 9 hours on a customer emergency and am now totally spent.  Thankfully I was able to get out earlier to pick up some groceries and some vodka, so I can finally relax (at 1:30 am!) and try to get some sleep.


2 thoughts on “London Journal – Day 7 – One Thing Leads To Another

  1. Lynn

    Sounds like you are having fun! My brother and I were talking. You have probably passed them a dozen times or more on the street or Hyde Park etc.

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