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Pawn’s old buddy Art Kumbalek, over at ExpressMilwaukee has written a wonderful piece skewering the planned “stimulus package”. Here’s an excerpt:

So, now you are to get a free few hundred bucks from the government so’s you can stimulate the economy, big focking deal. If you got a car, exactly how many times will that fill up the tank when you pull up to the pump, empty? You going to be able to pick up for a measly couple hundred bucks one of those HDTVs that cost the same as a day’s worth of dental work with no insurance, costs two days worth of dental work with insurance? You bet.

No sir, a couple, three hundred buck stimulus-package for the guys I know would mean money poured back into the economy May- June to the tune of extra Mountain Dew, Cheetos, Hostess Cupcakes, beef jerky, half-adozen cases of ice-cold Pabst Blue Ribbon, liter of Old Granddad, plus various sundries. And if that don’t kick global-domination wannabe Chinese economic ass and restore this country to economic ground zero, me and you ought to wonder what could, ain’a?

Wonder no more. Our current president has his “tax cuts.” No sir. Art Kumbalek for President will have his permanent “war cuts.” We’re out of I-focking-raq. I support the guys and gals of our troops by bringing them home where they belong, along with the dough we are to spend on this misadventure to boot.

Democracy. We hardly have it here, what the fock. To expand our brand to these fractious tribal/ethnic lands of topsy-turvy is like promising 12-months of 70-degree weather to the happy-go-lucky Finnish chained to Hel-focking-sinki. Ain’t going to happen. Whether we leave this Babylonian godforsaken hell-hole today, tomorrow, or the next day, they will have their new Saddam come calling the shots, again, and again.
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