Fear and Loathing: Las Vegas Journal #1

The sun is just rising in this state where mispronouncing the name can get you headlines, folks will start to caucus in about 2 and a half hours.  The local news is showing a story in which they have tracked down the most uninformed voters they can find and show them presidential flash cards.  It is quite demoralizing.

The political ads are thick on the airwaves.  Barack Obama is sounding hopeful behind me while I type this.  He has been running a lot of ads on the local Telemundo affiliate, which could be significant in this state with a heavy hispanic population.  Especially since the caucus goers on The Strip will have a weighted score, which Hillary thought was a good idea when she thought she would have their support, but now abhors.  Oops!

Pawn is in town for The World of Concrete convention.  Long story, don’t ask.  So, the above sign seemed appropriate…

Oh, and Hannah Montana is in town, so there’s something for the under-18 set as well.

2 thoughts on “Fear and Loathing: Las Vegas Journal #1

  1. Geri

    That is a FUNNY sign!!

    It applies to both your exhibit and the Nevada caucuses!

    I echo your sentiment on behalf of Clinton campaign, “Oops!”

    (Why didn’t ANY of the so-called TV news reporters tell us exactly what kind of added weight will be given to casino caucus sites?
    If it is simply proportional to the populations then I think Bill Clinton can go suck eggs for suggesting that casino voters have “five times the power” of the other voters…

  2. nic Post author

    Just q quick footnote: Although Obama’s assured victory turned out to be a chimera, with Clinton taking 51% of the vote. Oh well…

    But wait, says David Plouffe, Obama campaign manager. Despite Clinton’s win in the popular vote, Obama actually took home more delegates — 13 to her 12.

    Read more here:
    and here:

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