Selective Amnesia


Over at Mickey Mouse dot com, The Note has this little comment about Rudy’s latest ad:

Giuliani has a new TV ad up today — and it’s him as commander-in-chief, invoking memories of Ronald Reagan’s ending of the Iranian hostage crisis. “The best way you deal with dictators, the best way you deal with tyrants and terrorists, you stand up to them. You don’t back down.”
THE NOTE: Razor Thin Republican Race

Hmm. I seem to remember that while Jimmy Carter was busy standing up to the Iranians, even attempting military maneuvers to rescue the hostages, a yet-to-be-sworn-in Ronald Reagan and his gang were secretly conducting back channel negotiations to win the hostages’ release through a series of secret deals which culminated in the Iran-Contra affair.

While the Dems may not want voters reminded of how ineffectually the Carter Whitehouse handed this crisis, does Rudy really want to remind them of how illegally Ronny and Co. took care of business?

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