Off Come The Gloves

Hillary Clinton came out swinging, calling into doubt the International credentials of opponent Barack Obama, as recounted over at The Note, at Mickey Mouse dot com:

This cold-cock Tuesday from the smiling frontrunner, the eschewer of mudslinging, the rise-above-it-all leader: “Now voters will judge whether living in a foreign country at the age of 10 prepares one to face the big, complex international challenges the next president will face. I think we need a president with more experience than that,” said Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y.
THE NOTE: Hillary Starts Playground Fight

This from the same woman who just a week ago was complaining to her fellow Democrats, “But when somebody starts throwing mud, at least we can hope that it’s both accurate and not right out of the Republican playbook.” Well, let’s look at that Republican playbook.

OBAMA’S TOP 5 FOREIGN POLICY CREDENTIALS Foreign Policy Credential #1: “Life Of Living Overseas” For 4 Years…In Elementary School: Obama Lived Overseas From Ages 6 To 10. | Republican National Committee :: Obama’s Foreign Policy Credentials

I’m not the only one to notice this overlap. Here is TPMElectionCentral‘s take on the same point.

The Note then goes on to mock Clinton mocking Obama:

But does mocking Sen. Barack Obama’s, D-Ill., international upbringing get Clinton traction? Surely by now Obama’s supporters (including those who see him as their second choice) know that his resume is light. They favor him because he represents a new direction, the change half of the magical “change and experience” formula.

Would Clinton supporters care if they were reminded that — around the time Obama was living in Indonesia — their candidate was a “Goldwater Girl”? And does she want to be reminded about those incredibly important trips she took as first lady like the one (as recounted in Carl Bernstein’s book) where she and Chelsea joined Sinbad and Sheryl Crowd in post-war Bosnia?

Tom Villsack, though, assures us that Hillary “assumed tremendous responsibility” on foreign affairs while her husband was president, as per Anne Kornblut of The Washington Post

The former Iowa governor, interviewed on MSNBC, said Clinton “There is no question she was the face of the administration in foreign affairs,” Vilsack said.Really? Hillary Clinton was the face of the Clinton administration in foreign affairs? More than, say, the secretary of state? Or his vice president? Or his, um, ambassador to the United Nations?

Au contraire, said New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, who served in the last of those jobs – -and is now seeking the presidency himself.

“Gov. Vilsack’s enthusiasm for his candidate has clouded his judgment,” Richardson spokesman Tom Reynolds said on Tuesday night. “Considering that Gov. Bill Richardson served as a Special Envoy and US Ambassador to the United Nations under President Clinton, we take some exception to this opinion. I also think Madeline Albright might disagree too.”
Vilsack: Hillary Was ‘the Face of the Administration on Foreign Affairs’ | The Trail |

Oh yes, the gloves are off!

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