Pie in the Sky and Water on the Brain


Yesterday Gov. Bill Richardson appeared on ABC News This Week and was asked by George Stephanopolis whether Sen. Chuck Schumer, the head of the Democratic Senate campaign committee had asked him to run for retiring Senator Pete Dominici’s seat, relinquishing his run for President:

Richardson replied “Well, yes, [and] a lot of other people. But I’m running for president. And I’m going to be the nominee. I’m not running for Senate.” New Mexico Sen. Pete Domenici announced his retirement earlier in the week.
Political Radar: Gov Bill Richardson To Pass on New Mexico Senate Seat

Now I like Bill Richardson. He was a good congressman, served very well as our UN ambassador during the Clinton years, as well as Energy Secretary. He understands international issues as well as anyone running, and would make a great Secretary of State. He is faltering as a presidential contender, however, and would be doing us all a favor if he took Schumer up on that request.

Especially after he ventured into the debate on water policy:

The idea of piping Great Lakes water to faraway places seems to many like a pie-in-the-sky plan, but apparently not to Democratic presidential hopeful Bill Richardson.In a sign of how fragile the Great Lakes could one day become as the nation’s population – and political clout – drifts west, the New Mexico governor told the Las Vegas Sun this week that he is interested in looking east to solve his region’s water shortages.

“I believe that Western states and Eastern states have not been talking to each other when it comes to proper use of our water resources,” Richardson told the Las Vegas Sun for a story published Thursday. “I want a national water policy. We need a dialogue between states to deal with issues like water conservation, water reuse technology, water delivery and water production. States like Wisconsin are awash in water.”

JS Online: A water query from out West

How about we just leave the water where it is and let the people move to where the resources will support them.

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