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Digestive Biscuits

By way of The New York Times came a link to The Guardian Unlimited and their Digested Read of the latest Harry Potter (excerpted here):

Harry knew he was up against it this time. A favourite character from an earlier book had been killed off within the first 80 pages. That Rowling woman meant business. “OK,” said Harry, grimly, as Ron and Hermione embraced. “There might have been time for that kind of adolescent awakening in books five and six. Now, it’s time to get serious.”…It was the morning of Fleur’s wedding to Bill Weasley and Harry, Ron and Hermione were examining the strange bequests they had been left in Dumbledore’s will.

“Why have we been given this effing rubbish?” Ron laughed. “I’ve told you before that book seven is not the place for jokes and swearing,” Harry answered sternly. Just then he saw Ginny passing. He didn’t know why – though he suspected it was something to
do with letting the reader know that although he was a goody-goody on the outside, he was a rampant horny hetty on the inside – but he kissed her passionately. “Stay safe for me,” he whispered knowingly…

“I’m leaving you two,” Ron declared one day. “I need to create some narrative tension.” …
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by JK Rowling | The digested read | Guardian Unlimited Books

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