What did they mean to say?

Pawn just loves it when people misspeak, or misstype, and the resultant sentence means something else entirely. One example was in a La Crosse, WI, newspaper where a letter writer, writing about the forces which keep gay people from coming out wrote “People never seem to amaze me.”

Here is another fine example, penned by one Andi, who was responding to an article over at The Caucus at The New York Times about a sequel to the popular Obama Girl video. Note the misspelling of “underlying” in the 3rd sentence (if you can ignore the absurd banality of the opening sentence):

I didn’t realize that our culture had stooped to popifying our politics. Not only that but this is by far the most sexist political ad I’ve ever seen. It is representative of the underling paternalistic value in our culture and supports sexist ideas and social constructs. If this strikes you as an over the top comment think about weather or not there would ever be anything like this made promoting Hillary.— Posted by Andi
Obama Girl 2: Electric Boogaloo – The Caucus – Politics – New York Times Blog

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