Fortune’s Hostage: Twenty Years In The Lebanon

Martini Girl

Recognizing a good title when we see one, Fortune’s Pawn was thrilled to find this fascinating profile of Deborah Jackson, the Martini Girl. A series of unfortunate events lead her to Beirut, where she found herself a sex slave before being rescued by an admirer and ultimately fleeing:

During the hostilities of 1989, her family was forced to retreat to the basement of their house, having to survive for days without running water or electricity. On one occasion, she had to use a tank to rescue her daughter from school. Eventually, she escaped with two daughters on a hydrofoil driven by Dutch mercenaries and returned to Scotland to live in St Andrews near her mother. Her husband, Ayache, remained in Lebanon and they divorced….at a 1999 New Year’s Eve party, she met Neil Jackson, a professor of architecture who works at Liverpool University. “There were bonfires on the hills – and fireworks – and we’d been talking when she suddenly seized me by the arm, thrust me against the wall and said: ‘We are soulmates,'” he said. “The next day, we all had hangovers and I said to her: ‘What next?’ Ten months later, she left her husband. And in 2002 we married.”
On the Rocks – The Martini Girl sold in to sex slavery | the Mail online

Here’s hoping that book gets published some day…

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