As Naked As Can Be

A Life Exposed

Wired is running an article on Hasan Elahi, a Bangledeshi imigrant who has decided the best way to keep the G-Man at bay to to publish his entire life on the web, keeping no secrets.

Elahi’s site is the perfect alibi. Or an audacious art project. Or both. The Bangladeshi-born American says the US government mistakenly listed him on its terrorist watch list — and once you’re on, it’s hard to get off. To convince the Feds of his innocence, Elahi has made his life an open book. Whenever they want, officials can go to his site and see where he is and what he’s doing. Indeed, his server logs show hits from the Pentagon, the Secretary of Defense, and the Executive Office of the President, among others.
The Visible Man: An FBI Target Puts His Whole Life Online

Pawn remembers back a couple of decades ago, when a Milwaukee theater group named Theater X moved into a new building and opened a new show, The History of Sexuality based upon the book by Michel Foucault. To celebrate the new building, and the opening of the show, Theater X asked a number of local artists and celebrities to contribute nude self portraits. A friend of Pawn, Dave Maleckar, accepted the invitation, emptied the contents of his wallet onto a Xerox machine, copied both sides, and displayed that as his nude self portrait. A concept well ahead of its time.

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