Dobbs vs. Jesus, decision at 11:00

Jesus in boxing gloves

That reliable font of ill reasoned rantery, Lou Dobbs, has let loose on religious influence on politics. Dobbs was mute on this topic until some religious leaders took aim at one of Dobbs’ favorite populist themes, Illegal Immigration.

Here is a Dobbs comment:

The separation of church and state in this country is narrowing. And it is the church, not the state that is encroaching. Our Constitution protects religion from the intrusion or coercion of the state. But we have precious little protection against the political adventurism of all manner of churches and religious organizations.
Dobbs: A call to the faithful –

And one of his retractors:

If given the choice on this issue between Jesus and Lou Dobbs, I choose my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ.
Rev. Jim Wallis of Sojourners Magazine

Pawn is no fan of religious interference in politics (or in life, for that matter) but no big fan of the opportunistic populism of Dobbs. So, this looks like a tie…

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