Big Three and the Seven Dwarfs

Okay, Pawn was at best uncharitable to The Note the other day.  After over a month on haitus ABC News told us readers that their edgy political blog was back.  We were disheartened by what we found, to say the least.  Turns out ABC jumped the gun on their announcement by a couple of days.  The Note is now really back, and Rick Klein is doing a passable, if in-baby-steps job of delivering the informed and slightly snarky writing which made The Note a brand in the first place.

Here’s a snippet from today’s issue:

No knockout punches, no game-changers, nothing that’s likely to change the dynamic of a Big Three flanked by seven dwarves. None of them wants Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) to win the White House (surprise), all of them would rather talk about Ronald Reagan than the current president (another shocker), and Karl Rove will have to look for work in the private sector (it’s time to make money anyway).
ABC News: The Note

Keep up the good work, Rick.

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