Public Lewdness

 Prince  (1981, NYC) © Laura Levine

The New Yorker has a wonderful profile of Prince (“our Dorian Grey”) in their April 9th issue. Here is an excerpt:

His backup dancers—Nandy and Maya McClean, twenty-six-year-old twins from Sydney, Australia—were energetic and effectively underclad, but Prince was still the most seductive presence onstage. When he simply cocked his head and smiled, it seemed like an act of public lewdness. He is androgynous but not effeminate, perfectly formed (one of the V.I.P.s at my table kept pointing out his butt to her husband, who didn’t seem to mind) but not in the way of a gym rat. Prince’s casual virtuosity, combined with his evident joy in wearing tight clothing, made every song he did entertaining.

Pawn is a fan of such “public lewdness”.

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