Muse Rant

Do you think that you knowSleepwalking
Who I am, what I feel
Just because we spend so much
Time together

How do you know that you
Are seeing me
And not just seeing us

Don’t call me an iconoclast
just because I don’t
believe in any
color-by-numbers philosophies

You may call me a cynic
but I feel my karma
is too valuable to invest
in fly-by-night dogmas

If I can’t see it, hear it
feel it, smell it, than
it just doesn’t fit
in my mythology

Granted, I have co-opted
the features I most
like from the other

Muses figure prominently
in this
but then, muses always do

You may be my muse
But that gives you little
Purchase upon my soul

I though that muses allowed
us to see ourselves
not the other way around

So if you want to know me
Take me as your muse
Or take off your shades
And read the pain in my eyes
I didn’t put it there
Just for you
It resonates for me, too

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