Doves of Syria in the Bermuda Triangle

Syrian cylinder dove

John McCain has ventured into the Bermuda Triangle of Irrelevance, the Middle East, in an experiment in extreme irrelevancy. He headed out to a Baghdad street market accompanied by 147 soldiers, armored Humvees and helicopter gunships and then scolded the media for not reporting that you can go for a stroll in the newly safe Baghdad. The press met his report with laughter.
John McCain called out by CNN reporter Michael Ware – People

Trying desperately to bring relevance to the region, Nancy Pelosi went to Israel yesterday, where she met with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, and got from him an offer for negotiations to take with her to her next stop, Syria, where she is to meet with President Bashar Assad. The Bush administration lambasted her for visiting Syria and meeting with Assad while staying oddly mute on the visit there, yesterday, by a trio of Republican congressmen who also met with Assad.


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