My whack neighborhood

Here’s a couple of photos from FortuneLand, to show you, the able reader, just how strange real life can be.
See what happened here? Some fool prefers your average conifer to the locally prevalent deciduous trees, so they denuded a friendly pine and strung its balls (as it were) from this lowly bush. So they have unwittingly created a kind of hybrid tree, a chimera if you will. How insanely modern.

Here we see what happens when elitism goes horribly awry. These people have obviously spent a lot of money to inhabit this expensive lakeside home, and to purchase formidable statuary, and even more to have these very fashionable leather frocks custom made for that statuary. See how nicely they fit? Multiple fittings cost money too, you know. Let’s applaud this show of taste on Milwaukee’s East Side.

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