Sex on the mind

Sex and Chocolate

“Hot chick on cell: Yes! Yes! O-M-G! We are sooo going to have a sex-a-thon! Get the girls together, my place, tonight! [To gawking passengers] Sex and the City -athon. Fucking perverts. W-T-F.”
From Overheard in New York, 3/21/2007

What makes me really sick is how New York now looks like a bad imitation of Sex and the City.
Chris Noth, quoted in the Intelligencer, in New York magazine.

Trouble with New York is that here in London, Sex and the City is a comedy. Over there, it’s a documentary.
Anonymous Londoner quoted in New York magazine.

Consider Yourself Warned
Middle school boy: Yo, you ever seen that show Sex and the City on HBO?
Three friends: No.
Middle school boy: I thought there’d be mad sex on it. There wasn’t any! They should call that show ‘White Bitches Talking.’

–Brooklyn Middle School
via Overheard in New York, Apr 5, 2007

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