Wait, there’s more – strange matchups on late night television

Well, if you thought last night’s pairing of Paris Hilton and Will Shortz (NY Times puzzle editor) on The Late Show, with David Letterman, was strange… just wait until this Thursday, June 15th, when Jay Leno will host the Tonight Show with his special guests Ann Coulter – the female Newt Gingrich – along with George Carlin – who needs no further introduction.

There was an interesting column about Coulter in, of all places, the Times business section yesterday:
David Carr’s second paragraph is this gem:

Ms. Coulter, who seems afflicted by a kind of rhetorical compulsion, most recently labeled the widows of 9/11 “harpies.” It is just one in a series from a spoken-word hit parade that seems to fly out of her mouth uninterrupted by conscience, rectitude or logic.

It was so much fun to see George Carlin play with Steve Moore (President of the conservative Club for Growth) on Real Time with Bill Maher back in 2004:
Moore looked like a cat’s play toy in Carlin’s hands. It will be interesting to see if he and Coulter actually share the stage for any amount of time on Thursday night. Even if not, that must be one interesting green room. (I wonder what Paris and Will talked about last night…)

Thanks to Russ for bringing this to my attention.

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