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Holly replied to my reply to her message. Since the rant list is set up as a one-way conduit of information (e.g. I get to rant, you get to read, or unsubscribe) I felt it best to forward her reply to the list.

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From: Holly
To: Nic
Subject: Re: Something to mull over
Date: Fri, 5 Nov 2004 11:51:25 -0600

I really am peaked by your idea of creating a progressive business networking organization and would like to explore this idea with you further on how we can make it a reality locally. In regards to the MMAC, let’s talk because I have some real issue with that organization as well.

Also, if you will allow me to expand…I quite frankly think we are in “civil war” (for lack of a better term) here in the “homeland” and the American way of life is over as we know it for the rest of my life time and yours. Am I being melodramatic? Possibly, but that’s how I feel today

Maybe I have a simplistic “eye for an eye” approach when I suggest boycotting specific businesses and mimicking a practice which has been done repeatedly, but why not send a message to where it really
counts…in their wallets. Companies pull ads from TV shows they find offensive, others market themselves as Christian businesses to attract like customers, urban blacks are encouraged to shop locally and support
local business. Is this right? Do these tactics work? I don’t know.

What is right anymore and what works anymore?

(I agree no one has kept tabs on all the businesses who proudly displayed Bush/Cheney signs, I realize that I might accidentally patronize a Bush/Cheney supporter owned business, but I have kept track in my neighborhood. I refuse to eat at Mama Mia’s and Marty’s Pizza again. I will also never shop at Lakeside Marine or have printing done at Small Press on National Ave. It’s a small thing I am suggesting and I think it will help me personally maintain a bit of dignity right now.)

As you know, I have been discriminated against countless times as a women and a lesbian. You also know that I have lived my life with an open mind, inviting of new ideas and people from all walks of life and backgrounds with different philosophies, etc. You also know that I possess a live and let live attitude. but, damn it, I’ve had it. The vast majority of Republicans sent a clear message to me in this election about how they feel about my rights…I take it personally and feel very threatened, disenfranchised and fragmented on what to do next. It is a deeply chilling environment and I am tired of being treated like a second class citizen.

You also know that I cherish the idea of building a better society for all, not just for myself, but right now I am being very selfish and protective of what personally effects me (I know – a very isolationism way of thinking) and I am tying to figure out the best approach for me to handle how I am feeling and what to do about those feelings. And, how I can put this energy (anger) into action.

Maybe we all need to explore more extreme tactics? Maybe we have to quit being “so nice” for awhile to get back to the ideals this country was founded on? Maybe we have to “sell” on fear? Maybe we have to be civilly
disobedient? Maybe the gay community needs to band together and quit paying taxes until we have the same rights of everyone else? Maybe I should seek political asylum in Canada? Maybe workers need to strike?
Maybe riots should take place? I am not suggesting we completely “dumb down”, but I do think we need to start thinking outside the box on our next steps. We need to re-evaluate our approaches and our messages and
discover ways to most effectively maintain the ideals this country was founded upon.

In the meantime, I am thinking of little ways I can “fight back” and maintain some dignity.

Again, I agree that one way we can do this is to support local progressive businesses when possible and boycotting those who support this administration.

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