Re: A missive from Western Wisconsin

Date: Tue, 7 Sep 2004 17:59:08 EDT

One of the reason that the democrats may lose…although I am not a big fan of either party, but I am much less a fan of bush and co. hate/power driven that they refuse to play hardball. A psychiatrist I met the other day put it perfectly…”address all of it head-on…a simple and honest statement that would begin thusly …”so my military record is being questioned by a draft-dodger?”…. would do much to put this election and the underlying philosophies in perspective. By letting the other side dictate not only the fight but the rules as well and then only apply them to you, is the mark of a fool who is apparently content with a future full of wound-licking, abject mea culpas, pointless indignation, and impotent anger…but not too angry, why that wouldn’t be civilized.

I don’t know about you but my parents discouraged self-immolation.

The only difference that I see between bush, etc., and say, the original (in our closed little worlds) ayatollah khomeni, seems to be the choice of headgear.

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