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For those of you who love Dick Chaney so much that you want his words immortalized on your loved one’s chest, your dog’s back or your own crotch (suggested placements, your mileage may vary) check out this site:


Last night’s Kerry/Edwards fund raiser at Radio City Music Hall in New York City brought some interesting headlines. How’s this from the New York Post:

Or this from ABC-News:

Whoopi Goldberg wins the award for making the remarks that could make a candidate or two squirm a bit. Other than repeatedly referring to John Edwards as “kid,” the comedian also played off of the President’s surname in a bawdy manner. Goldberg talked of how much pleasure “bush” has provided in her life and that her “bush is smarter” than the President. She went on to say that it is time to return “bush” to its “rightful place and it’s not in our government.”

Equally entertaining was this response from Bush/Chaney campaign
spokesman Steve Schmidt:

It is a great example of John Kerry’s priorities that on the day he said he did not have time to receive his intelligence briefing on threats to America, he found time to attend a Hollywood fundraiser, filled with enough hate and vitriol to make Michael Moore blush.

Leaving aside the fact that Radio City Music Hall is in New York, not Hollywood, I would think that given the Veep’s recent outburst on the Senate floor, the Red State party would think twice before condemning Whoopi Goldberg’s comments.


Since “Homeland Security” Secretary Tom Ridge seems no longer allowed to actually raise the “Threat Level”:
It appears that he has taken to wearing color coded ties to telegraph to the American people what the real threat level is:

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